Our family has changed a TON! You'll see if you look at the very first yearly picture we took on the steps to our house.

Having 2 little kids in the house has been nothing short of crazy.

Most days the little terror (I say this with all the love in the world) wakes up at five or six and demands to play, so you give in and get up to make sure he doesn't wake up his brother.

Our days are long because we have our usual obligations AND we're working hard on our business after hours and also making sure we have a lot of quality family time.

My favorite part of the day is after work before we think about making supper all 6 of us play outside and have fun. Then supper - bath - bed for the boys. Once both boys are finally down for the night and hubby and I finally have time to catch up together, we just about want to pass out.

There are times hubs and I take turns to take both kids to let the other sleep in another hour. There's times it feels like the big kid's whining (it's terrible being 2) will cause your ears to bleed and the next minute he'll climb on your lap asking to listen to Trainor's All About The Bass or Bieber's Love Yourself. And then there are times that hubby demands I take some time for myself, tells me to have a nice long bath and brings me a cup of tea.

At the moment, life feels insane, but we have our health and each other. Before we know, this phase will have passed and we'll be in different territory where only one boy will be in nappies and the other will communicate himself instead of breaking out in whine.

It is tough, but it is SO GOOD!

What's a yearly picture post without an outtake?

What's a yearly picture post without an outtake?

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