Yellow Lab has told you before why it's a fantastic idea to have an engagement photo shoot before your big day.

Today we're showing you one of our favorite things engagement shoot related!

When you choose to have your engagement photos printed in a book, your photographs get to live on your coffee table or in a special place on a shelf where you get to take it out whenever guests come over. When we design your engagement photo guestbook, we leave space for your guests to write well wishes on your special day.

We recently got one of our brides to come for coffee so that we could photograph her and hubby's guestbook AFTER their wedding.

It looks stunning with their guests messages! Annerien says it lives on their coffee table and EVERYONE that comes over picks it up to look at it.

Click on small picture to see larger file.

This is a celebration of your love - we LIVE to see your stories told printed!

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