Let me tell you the story of how these pictures came to be. :-) We only got to take this beautiful family's photographs on the third try!

The first time Desmé rescheduled because her little boy had a playground injury and was walking around with a shiner. We rescheduled and minutes before the next shoot, when Desmé went to wake up her little girl from a nap, the girl woke up with a droopy and sore eye!

The third date that we agreed on to do the shoot, the mom didn't actually tell any of her family members about the shoot. In case they were sabotaging it ;-) BUT.......

I woke up that day and it was raining! And it looked as if it was going to rain for days.

We then agreed to doing a shoot in studio because there was NO WAY we were rescheduling AGAIN. This mommy just wanted her family pictures taken and things were not going to plan. 

Let me tell you though, at about 8 am the rain cleared and we could take their family photos in the park. Finally :-)

We had such a blast playing and shooting it was all the wait worth while. And the date that we did the shoot corresponded with granny and grampa's visit to Johannesburg, so it turned out perfect because they also joined for the shoot!

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