Annerien and Heinz tied the knot on 28 November in Vereeniging. {Congratulations guys!} We're just about to blog their wedding photographs, but noticed that we had forgotten to blog their engagement shoot. 0_o

What we're really looking forward to showing you though, is what this beautiful couple did with their engagement photos....   They used their photos from this shoot to make their save-the-date (lovingly designed by us, Yellow Lab) and we designed and printed their A4 guestbook for their family and friends to sign on their wedding day. We left places in between the photos where their guests wrote messages of congratulations.

It was so fun to see the guests look through their book on the wedding day!

FUN FACT about the shoot: We shot this during winter. I had a blanket close by the entire time, but it didn't help the bride-to-be to freeze a little bit here and there.... What we sometimes go through for good photos, hey? (She wore a short sleeve dress in the last part of the shoot.) The goosebumps lasted a few minutes. These pictures, because they're printed, will last, Forever. :-)

Here are some of my favorite photos from the engagement shoot:

Look out for our post in the next week to the benefits of having an engagement or couple shoot before your wedding!

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