My hubby and I always wanted kids. I have always dreamed of 'playing doll' with our kids by dressing them in the cutest clothes I can find. Initially, when we had our first, I was convinced he was a girl. So much so, that I painted his nursery a pink shade of grey.
If you follow the Yellow Lab blog you'll know that I love to photograph my boys. Just as much as I love to dress them in cute clothes! BUT I have found that cute clothes for boys are harder to come by, but once you find something that it's extra cute and special, it often comes with a hefty price tag and it's not always very easy to go about a simple nappy change. It's so frustrating to be extra cute and comfortable at the same time...

So when Heather was contacted to review the Sebastian Baby Wear clothes line, although I had just had baby #2, I jumped at the opportunity!!

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