Our (second) little guy is already two months old! In celebration of, we're sharing his birth story.

Today is Monday, 3 August 2015. Daddy and I get up really early, get ourselves and Odin ready for the day and drop Odin early at school without any of us having breakfast. Odin will get breakfast at school, and mom and dad?

Well, we're heading out to Mug and Bean at Cresta because mom's not supposed to eat again after 9 in the morning. You see, our c-section is scheduled for 15:30, so we have to be at the hospital at 13:00 to be prepped for surgery.

What an exciting prospect!? We are 39 weeks pregnant and get to meet our new little one in a few short hours.

We need a few things still for our hospital bag, so after having breakfast, we pass the time with shopping. In fact, we enjoy it so much that we use up ALL our time shopping, walking around chatting.

It is a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies overhead. We make it to the hospital just in time. Daddy and I get checked in to the hospital's labor ward and they get us prepped for surgery.

Daddy puts on scrubs and gets the camera ready for your debut.

Meanwhile mommy gets an IV and spinal block and lays down on the cold operating table. My toes are freezing!

There are quite a few people in the room. My obgyn, a surgical assistant, the paediatrician, an anesthetist and a bunch of others who I don't know or what there purpose is.

My legs feel completely dead and the doctors have started the surgery. After a little while, they tell me that they are going to push down on my tummy and that I'll feel a lot of pressure. Right after this they pull you out of my stomach and the surgical assistant exclaims "It's a boy"!

Photo by yellowlab.co.za

Tears stream down both my and daddy's faces as we hear your first cries. Your wails are loud and short and sound like a little lion cub's. You're put high up on my chest straight away and I get to see you and hold your little hand with my free hand. My first words to you are "Happy birth day little guy".

Photo by yellowlab.co.za
Photo by yellowlab.co.za

15:40 You weigh 3.73 kg and are 53 cm long.

Daddy gets to cut your umbilical cord. The paediatrician takes you away to get tested, cleaned up and dressed in a nappy wrapped in a blanket. She's a little concerned about you and pops you into the incubator so you can warm up and get oxygen. She says you have wet lung syndrome. It's a common complication with babies born via c-section and you won't have any long term problems/ complications because of it.

Later that evening, once we're back in the ward, granny Gladys brings Odin to the hospital.

We're so pleased you can meet your big brother. When Odin looks into the little crib he points and says 'bubba'.  He points to your nose and says 'nose'. He does the same for your eyes, ears and hair. He's holding a fish nugget from his supper earlier and tries to feed it to you.

The two brothers meeting goes down well without too much jealousy and much better than expected. Perhaps the Barney and books that you (new bubba) give Odin has something to do with it :-)

You make little grunts and sounds that have us worry that you're not getting enough oxygen. The doctor suggests you spend more time in the nursery in an incubator. After an hour, the paediatrician is still not satisfied and has you admitted to NICU.

My heart is broken that I can't have you room in with me, but I know that you are in the best hands needing a little bit more care than what I can give. Daddy and I are so worried about you though. Neither of us manage to sleep the entire night. I keep looking at the few pictures we've already taken of you on my phone.

The next morning as soon as I can walk again after the surgery, I shower and come to look for you. I find you immediately! You're on an IV and have a feeding tube. I'm so pleased to see you sleeping so soundly. Daddy joins us early morning and although we're sad to see u in NICU, we're ecstatic to see you doing so well.

16:30 Tuesday: a nurse from NICU wheel you into my hospital room. I immediately feel so relieved. I feel like I can't snatch you up from your little bed fast enough to hold you. (This mommy's been aching to hold you! )

I feel like the weight of the world's been lifted off my shoulders and am finally content and happy. Our baby is here. Safe, sound and healthy.

We're elated to get to hold and cuddle you! You look so different to what we thought; we thought you'd look just like Odin when he was born; you've chosen to be a very original version of yourself. You have dark blue eyes, really long, light eye lashes, very light (almost golden) color hair with a tiny cow lick on your forehead like a Kewpie doll. It's the cutest!

I lay down with you on my chest and for the first time I can close my eyes and drift off to have a little sleep. All is as it should be.

We call you Leo Gunnar Nourse. Welcome to the world and to our family little doodle bug. It is so great to have you here!

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P.P.S. All photos by Yellow Lab.