Ever since hubs and I moved into our home in 2011 we've made a point of trying to take a family picture on the steps to our house each year. Each year when I sit down to write this post, I just about burst of pride when I see how far we've come and I realize just how lucky I am to be living this life and sharing it with my best mate.

Every year's photos are a bit of a struggle as our doggies aren't terribly obedient. This year's was a little CRA-Zeeeee with an added mobile toddler we need to keep in the viewfinder. ;-)

Nevertheless, compared to last year, our boy's really grown. You battle to see the girls, but they've each lost a ton (not really a ton) of weight and are in perfect health. Lily (labby on the right) has even had a major op on one of her back legs after she tore the cruciate right off. The good news: she can run again!

Hubby and I are both a little older and a little wiser. AND bubba #2 is scheduled to arrive in 3 days' time.

There is nearly six of us now.

...... and then I guess Odin figured out what we were trying to do and he sat down on his own, after we caught the dogs (again), and we got this picture. :-)

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Tell us, do YOU take annual pictures? Leave us a link in the comments, we'd LOVE to see.