My sweetest little boy, our life's been a little crazy lately, so this time (and hopefully only this time) mom is writing 2 months' notes in one.

19 months:

You've developed and changed so much this last month that I feel like it went by in a whirlwind! You have so many new teeth I can't keep up with just how many you have at the moment!

You're talking up a storm too! You have so many words you say and I know there will be a few I forget to mention. You know: cat, bath, grapes (dubs), apple, nana (banana), ta-ta, bye bye, Daisy, Illy (Lily), pop (Poppy), book, star, moon, sun, bird, dog, door, out, bag, kla (finished), done, ouma, oupa, dadda, mumma, mom, dino, ball, bike, bubba, dude, more, more (sometimes refer to milk) ... you pretty much say anything we give you to say.

You are just the cutest in everything you do; you run to brush your teeth in the mornings when mom says: "toothbrush time!"

You like to pack things. There is a drawer in the kitchen that we let you unpack, and the contents are usually strewn all across the house. Except, last week, after you unpacked it, you packed everything back into the drawer again.

You love to eat apples, strawberries, bananas, pears and sweeties. (Apparently, you steal the chocolates off the bedside tables from granny Gladys' guesthouse.) You also love to eat noodles and still say 'Gggggggggggg' for mommy's vegetable soup.

You've been sleeping in your own big bed this last little while! We removed the base for the time being and your mattress is on the floor for now. We just really don't want you to get hurt or fall off your bed while sleeping! We have on numerous occasions checked up on you and you were sleeping on the rug on the floor. ;-)

It's also been very cold, so you get up in the middle of the night and walk to our room calling for 'dadda'. For the rest of the night, you then sleep between mom and dad.

Daddy's your favourite at the moment. It makes me so happy to see how well you  guys get a long, but at the moment it feels like only dad can make a little heart sore better. I suppose it's just a phase and you'll love me lots again one day. Your I-only-want-daddy phase has perhaps come at a good time as mom can perhaps get a little bit of a breather while I'm 31 weeks pregnant. The time has gone so fast and I can't believe you'll be a big brother soon. I just know you are going to be the best big brother your little bro can wish for.

20 months:

This month you figured out how to ride your little black bike that granny Urs got you. You no longer push it from the front, but now sit on it and go round and round and round the kitchen table! Sometimes Lily and Poppy get in front of you and lets you chase them round and round, which is good exercise for them ;-)

You learn and say new words every day. You can say all your friends' names at school and you're starting to tell colors apart. We love to hear you say Lello (yellow).

You also tell  body parts apart, like hands, toes, nose, hair, ear, belly button and eye.

You are so clever and understand so much more than your dad and I sometimes think.

You lately love to take all your books and put them on your bed to read. You love to point at the things you know the names of and say them out loudly. You love to read so much you once even did it at two in the morning!

Your little brother is arriving in less than a month. I am so concerned about how you're going to cope. We're planning on having you help us so that you feel like you help us take care of the baby. We'll give you very important tasks like passing us nappies.

Dad is also going to be home the first 2 and half weeks, so we'll be spending lots of time with you while also keeping your routine the same so that not too many things around you change and you still know what to expect so you'll always feel loved and safe.

The plan was, to have you and your little brother share your room. However, for now, we have moved the cot out of your room into mom and dad's so that if the new bubba wakes in the middle of the night, your sleep is not interrupted.

Of course, there will always be a spot for you between mom and dad if you wake up in the wee hours and want to sleep between us.

My Odes, this is the last post I'll make to you before your brother joins us. It makes me so unbelievably emotional. Mom and dad are going to work really hard to make sure you stay the happy and coolest little dude we know! We really really love you SO and know that you are going to rock this big brother gig.

Love you so much little dude!

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