I'd like for you to meet a friend and fellow blogger of Yellow Lab: Moipone from Ferocious Haven.

I asked Moipone to tell us a little more about herself and to share her 3 all-time favorite posts she's written. 

Hi! I’m Moipone from Ferocious Haven blog. I am a receptionist by day and blogger by night. I am a mom of one very talkative 5 year old girl and I love coffee, television and poetry. I have started a few blogs years ago and I have deleted them when I started this one late last year and I have committed myself to it. When I am not at work I am with my daughter or reading other blogs.

 My favorite links include a post I made of black and white photographs I took while in a car, I also loved taking photographs of my daughter when she was little. I enjoy attending my daughter’s concerts at school; I especially enjoyed attending the zombie themed one last year December.

Thanks for sharing Moipone! You have such a beautiful little muse to keep you inspired to practice photography :-) Friends, remember you can also follow her on  FacebookInstagramTwitter and  Pinterest.

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