Little Odin, our sweetie

You are already 17 months old! I can't believe we're thinking of throwing you a second birthday party. Before we know it you'll be two!

This month has been a tough one. It feels like almost all your teeth are coming out at once. Alas, we checked and checked again, it's only one at a time. You now sport five at the bottom and still only one on top.

You're a real talker this month! You say almost anything we tell you. Which is terribly cute but also slightly dangerous as you pick up any and ALL words being said around you.

Let's clarify, you haven't picked up any bad words at mom and dad's. But you picked up a bad one at your granny Gladys'. We're trying so hard to get you to learn a similar sounding word to 'poepol' instead but it's so tough because it's really funny when you say it. Daddy recorded it and we'll show it to you one day if you need a laugh.

Other words you say often are bubble, bubble bath, bath, plum, ball, apple, nana (for banana), more, dog, momma, poppa, oupa, no, eh-huh, up, help or ggggggggg when you don't like the taste of something.

You know, most nights now you go to sleep in your cot and stay there till the morning when we get up? You still cry for milk or your dummy in the middle of the night, but once we give it to you you go right back to sleep. It's not entirely sleeping through yet but it's a BIG improvement. Our little boy is getting SO big :'-)

Love you so so much.

PS Daddy took these beautiful pics when you guys went to visit granny Urs. She spoils you so much; you even have a sandpit at her house!

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