I love your squishy, sweaty little toes in your socks at the end of the day
I love your running up to me and exclaiming 'helloooooo'
I love your little hand holding on to one of my fingers when we walk in to your school
I love the big steps you take when we walk down stairs to my car, this time I'm holding your little hand tight in case you fall
I love your confidence and your happiness (it makes me so sad that you're growing up)
I love how every new stage of you is my new best favorite
I love your baby hugs
I love that you lying down still fit in my lap when I'm sitting crossed legged 
I love when you fall asleep on me
I love wiping up your tears and being able to make you feel better
I love that sometimes the only person you want is me
I love your sense of humor and your laughs
I love the games we play
I love that you've made me love your daddy even more
and I fall in love with him over and over when I see/ hear the two of you together
I love to watch and listen when you two play
I love how much I love you
I love that you're becoming a big brother soon and that you're getting a best pal for life
I'm loving thinking about two little lives turning ours upside down cuddling with Lily and terrorising Pop-pop
I know my heart will multiply and love just so much more

I love you little boy, I'm so glad I get to to be your mom.

Photos by my talented hubs, Jonathan Nourse from Yellow Lab.