Our little bump has grown SO much and I'm SO grateful to be feeling a little less nauseated every day. The fact that we're expecting another little baby has suddenly become very real. What stands out the most, is how much faster this pregnancy has gone by.

The super exciting things have started:

  1. My mom and I went little baby clothes shopping and got items that say "Little Brother" on it.
  2. I've started to redecorate Odin's nursery into a room that two little boys will love to share. 
  3. Our name list is getting shorter. We started with something like 40 or so names that we like, and now have about 15 to choose from. We especially like Leo, August, Jax, Chase, Vincent, Dash, Rocco, Dante, Jett or Jake. 

A few fun facts:

Baby is now as tall as a banana.

I'm feeling so excited! I can hardly believe that in less than 131 days we get to hold another newborn baby! I'm feeling just a little shocked at the idea too. I'm also feeling worried that Odin might battle to adjust now that he's going to have to 'share' his parents.

I'm craving glasses of milk. I often buy Steri Stumpie flavoured milk whenever I can. Also craving biltong and sweet things like chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Mostly, I'm hungry ALL THE TIME.


  • Feeling nauseated still.
  • Starting to feel uncomfortable when I sleep.
  • Getting up so many times during the night to run to the loo.


  • I look SO pregnant. I love sporting my bump and dressing to show it off even more. 
  • Bubba is moving around so much and I just love to feel his little bumps and kicks. As if to say: I'm here mom! I'm here!
  • Odin is starting to sleep through! Just in time for bubba #2 to keep us awake ;-)

Hubs, thank you for taking these pictures. I'm so glad we have these to remember this time in our life. 

PS If you want to, if you or someone you know need maternity photos done, give us a call and let's set it up before it's too late and bubba's here :-)