I'd like for you to meet a friend and fellow blogger of Yellow Lab: Cindy from 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House

I loved her blog the moment I started reading it. She tells her stories regarding motherhood honestly and uncensored which really makes me feel like I'm not the only mommy in the world who sometimes feel the way I do. It's so refreshing knowing I'm not the only one who feel like I could pull out my hair at times and resort to wine! Her writing always makes me laugh and feel a little lighter. Be sure to check out her blog 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House. I promise you won't regret it.

Cindy answered a few questions for us to get to know her better.

Hi Cindy, over to you! 

Photo from Cindy Alfino

How tempted are you to buy takeaways instead of cook? Um, is this a trick question?  I'm ALWAYS tempted to buy takeaways rather than cook.  I'm no Masterchef.

What's the most awkward question your kids have ever asked you and how did you respond?  There are countless stories that I could retell, but the most recent was that we were all sitting in the lounge and Seth turned over to WWE.  One wrestler was all up in the other guys face (as they do) taunting him with stupid words and then he was like, "I'm going to make you my BITCH".  And I was like woah.  I hope the girls didn't pick that up.  Then the next second Kyla asks, "Mommy what's a bitch?!"  We just burst out laughing and explained what it really is.  Thankfully I haven't heard her use the word again.

How many food items have you made for yourself but ended up getting eaten by your kids?  I lost count at around 1 232.  It's much more than that now.

Who was your favourite Power Ranger?  The yellow one.  I had a thing with yellow in school.  Like buying yellow tops and shoes and belts and earrings and ER'THANG that I could see that was yellow.  It was kind of embarrassing.  All of those pictures have since been burned just in case.

Which family on TV/in a movie is most like your family and why?  Has to be the Modern Family family, their dynamic is exactly like ours but it's not only that, so much of the personalities are similar too.  One of my favourite shows!

Photo from Cindy Alfino

How many donuts are you capable of eating in one sitting?  Depends on the donut and whether or not you're allowed to puke to make space.  I'd say around 10 without puking. Just joking, I wouldn't puke - what a waste of yummy donuts!

Who was your favourite Spice Girl? I think that considering my appearance I got stuck with Baby Spice even though she wasn't my initial favourite.  I grew to love my Spice Girl persona though, sometimes that dumb blonde thing is an easy out.

How many friendships have you ruined because you refused to play a game of Monopoly mercifully? At least two - including my brother.  Seth is ruthless, it's affected our marriage every time we've played.  So we've stopped playing.

Photo from Cindy Alfino

How long do you wait after finishing your first plate of food before getting a second plate of food? I like to wait around 10 minutes just to make sure I want it, but I always do, so actually I don't know why I wait so long.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever been vomited on? (By your kids or others)  The list is unfortunately endless in this department, the grossest was down my top and between my boobs.  No wait, when it ran all the way down my pants and into my shoe, right down to my toes.  Gross to the max!

How long does it take you to scroll through Facebook before giving up the will to live?  About 10 minutes. Optimistically.

How many times does it take for you to listen to a song that you love before you actually hate it instead?  I'm quite resilient, I can go at least 1 000 times I'm sure.  Although when I hate a song, I hate a song, there is no coming back from that!  Like the "Money on My Mind" by Sam Smith - can't freaking handle it even though I adore him!!

Photo from Cindy Alfino

Thanks for the giggles and stopping by Cindy! You can also follow her here on Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin' and Instagram.