We have a new baby on the way, so the nursery is undergoing some major changes. Then, it occurred to me that I never shared the original nursery.

But let me just say, I am by no means an interior designer or professional stylist. My intention with this post was to document my first baby's room so that I have nice pictures to show him one day when he's bigger to show him a glimpse of what his life was like pre-sibling. Before he had to share his room.

I really just want for him to see how we lovingly prepared for his arrival. We hope you enjoy seeing it too and maybe there's a cool idea or two you can use ;-) if you have an unfinished room for a little person.

The sentimentals:

My mom and I spent weeks and months before we found this beautiful antique cot. Do you know how hard it is to come by old cots in a good state?

You see that rocking chair? That was my mom's when I was a little baby. It was in a terrible state after years of storage, but a sand and lick of white paint made it perfect to have. Unfortunately the rocking did nothing for Odin, so we never really used it. I'm hoping we get some mileage from it with our new baby on the way. 

The bed frame is mine from when I was a little girl, and the toy box on wheels is also from when I was small. 

It feels like every piece in this room has a story to tell and have some kind of history.

The ball pit came at around Odin's first birthday. It's one of his favorite things in this world!

Hubby and I drove so far to collect this cupboard. We saw it on Gumtree and had to get it all the way in Balfour. It was the first piece we got for the nursery. I was just a few weeks pregnant at the time and don't think I'll forget just how sick I felt that entire trip.

I realize the map should have been vintage or not quite so bright in color, yet when hubs and I found it, we fell in love with it and just had to have it due to the little animals and happy colors on it. 

That was the original idea with this room actually. A neutral canvas with pops of happy colors for a little baby to feel loved in and come home to.


This clock was made by my hubby's granddad for Odin. Sadly, he passed before he could meet Odin or complete his work on the clock.  We'll always remember him though and have tons of stories to tell Odin about his great granddaddy. 

Tips for setting up a nursery based on my experience:

  1. Set up a budget.
  2. Scour second hand shops and Gumtree if you don't mind having something used. It can save you quite a bit of money not buying everything you need brand new. 
  3. Don't worry too much about using a theme in the room. I believe that if you fill a space with things you love, it *should* all come together and look cohesive.

Now it's your turn, tell me, if you had the chance to redo a room for your little person, what would you do differently?