We're having another boy!!!

As the obgyn told us I swear I could hear our wallets give a sigh of relief, cause if it was a girl we'd be out shopping and buying pink things like there is no tomorrow. 

Now that we finally know for sure it's a boy, we can start thinking of names and we know little Odin is going to LOVE to have a little brother.

We'll be even numbers in the house. Three boys and me and the two girl doggies. Six of us. Three girls and three guys.

We are thrilled!

PS This little guy will be born in August, so he'll be a winter baby. Our first was born in summer, so we need to buy a few new (warm, winter) things for the new bubba. Mommy still gets to do a little bit of shopping. ;-) Yay!

All photos by yellowlab.co.za.