My little Odes

You are such a character! I've always loved and enjoyed you, but this last month has probably been my favorite!
Either we are really getting to know each other well or it's because it's much easier for me to understand you.

We play hide and seek and "I'm gonna catch you" games. It's the BEST sound in the world to hear your little giggle. You have one speed only, that's to run. You and dad especially love to run around the house and make tons of noise. :-)

You now say Bubble, Bubble bath, Ball, Nana (for banana), More (for more milk), Kla (when you're finished eating), Ta Ta (when we're saying goodbye), Hello, Dog, Book, Help and Uh-oh. 

Whenever I'm sitting you pull my shirt up to get to my tummy and blow on it to make fart sounds. This always causes so much laughter! You have a super sense of humour. You and dad have also started to sneak up on me to give me frights! I usually know you're coming and I pretend to get a fright anyway. You LOVE to give me a fright and always LAUGH the sweetest laugh.

You were so surprised when we showed you your belly button. You love to stick your finger in mine, but you are always so stoked to point to your own belly button, like you're the same as us. 

Your favorite things are dancing, exploring, baths, water, balls, chinese lanterns, balloons, playing outside, our doggies and riding on your rocking horse. Especially riding it standing up. I can tell you're a mischievous little boy :-)

You love to eat chocolate, pasta, watermelon, fruits, tomatoes, oats and ice lollies.

You look so big to me sometimes, but then I see you next to your friends at school. You're still the littlest dude in class. You're still my little baby. We can't believe just how quickly you've grown. Our baby's almost completely gone.

But you know what, I think one day, many moons from now, even with big hairy feet and smelly armpits you'll always be mom's bubs.

Love you so!

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