We're expecting, again! And we're thrilled and happy beyond all words. Truth be told though, I know how much work one little baby is, and seeing as this is our second one....... I'm terrified.

1. I'm nearly four months pregnant, and already feel like a walking zombie. If hubby and I can climb into bed at 9 at night, we do...... and we wake up tired the next morning to do the 9-5 again. I'm afraid that Im so tired that I won't remember how cute my kids are and realise how amazing they are and exactly how they are. They grow up so fast, but Im afraid that raising them is so exhausting that I miss it. Know what I mean? At times I think it may be a little crazy, but I know it will be all good.

2. I often tell Odin that he's the cutest/ most clever/ smartest/ most handsome little boy in the whole world! If this next little human is a little boy, I won't be able to say things like that anymore. Would I say "you're the cutest/ most clever/ smartest/ most handsome almost 2 year old in the whole world"? Help me wrap my brain around this one. Please leave your comments below with suggestions.

3. What if bubba #2 is just as cute? Could one have so much cute in ONE house at a time???? ;-/

4. I'm afraid that if bubba #2 is a boy, he'll only get to wear hand me downs from Odin and hardly ever get something new.

5. I'm afraid that the second baby won't get as much love/ attention as Odin did as a first born. Does this sound silly?

6. I think as soon as bubba #2 is mobile, Odin will teach him/ her to be really naughty and we'll have our hands FULL just trying to keep them off the kitchen table trying to avoid multiple trips to casualty from accidents around the house. (It is alarming how many times a day a little boy can bump his head.)

7. When Odin turns two, bubba #2 will be 3 months old. So, we'll have 2 under two  for a little while. That sounds ....................... challenging!!! But very fun :-)

8. I know Lily and Poppy will adjust to another baby just fine. Problem is, we need to make time somewhere to walk them more often.

9. I've just started to feel the new baby's little kicks, and I'm surprised every time. I feel SO happy that I get to experience this journey again.

10. But....... you know what, no matter how crazy it gets, the two grannies are always willing to help out at the drop of a hat and often baby sit that hubs and I can go grab a meal somewhere without a play gym. I get the feeling we'll be phoning them a LOT more.

11. I LOVE that our kids will be only 21 months apart. I want them to be REALLY good pals. They'll be sharing a room, so they HAVE to be really great friends. There will be a time where they even gang up against us. Where it will be the parents vs. the kids. And I can't wait! We're thrilled to have another little person in our home!!!

Honestly now, any tips or advice?