My little Odesie

You are such a delight!

You have blossomed into a real rad little dude who does the cutest things.

You stomp your feet when you're angry.

You point and show us exactly what you want and when. Like your mom, you get especially grumpy when you're hungry. We have a term for that in our house. Hangry.

You no longer cry when I drop you off at school. I think you are so stimulated and have an absolute blast daily.

You recently saw a little boy kick a ball. It frustrated you that you weren't able to do the same. But you know what? You tried and tried and eventually you got it right! You were so chuffed when you managed to kick that ball!

We were sitting in the bath the other night, and I was showing you your toys and telling you what things were. I said "whale, crab, car.... ball" and you mimicked me with "BAWL". It was the cutest little sound!

You have been saying things like "Mom", "dad", "tata", "mama", "dada", but "bawl" must be your official real word that was not baby talk.

You are one fearless little dude. You often have new bumps or bruises as you climb onto anything and everything possible. You even ride your rocking horse by standing on the seat! All dad and I can do is stand close by and try catch you when you fall.

When you fall though, we're reminded that this little boy of ours is actually still a little baby that only wants to be cuddled and loved.

You still sleep in mom and dad's bed. We need to reposition you a few times a night because you sleep like a little starfish, you keep spinning round and round. Then your feet are in my face and your head in dad's back and then your head's on me and your feet in dad's face :-)

We love you sweetie, you're really getting super vocal now and we love that you're expressing yourself more. It's great that we can understand you better now.

With so much love, mom