It happened again my boy. I'm so sorry to be writing your monthly post again as two months in one. We've been really busy becoming a family of four. Six if you count Lily and Poppy.

When you first met your brother Leo, you were a little unsure and a tiny bit jealous of him. You learnt quickly though, and are much more gentle with him now. We've even dared to bath you boys together!
You're so new at this big brother gig, but already you're rocking it!! You're now asking to hold Leo, and when weposition him between your legs you out your little arms on his tummy and kiss his little head with a loud ' mwah'.
It's the cutest! I'm so proud and you're so chuffed when you do this!
You even help mom and dad to soothe Leo when he's crying with an ' okayyyyyyy' and a 'ssssssh'.
At times you even bring us Leo's dummy! We can't believe our baby's gotten so big so quickly
You're a sponge! You pick up words so quickly. This is a little problematic as you pick up words we don't want you to...... When we took you to get your vaccines, when you saw the needles and syringe the nurse was preparing, you exclaimed "sh!t".

Your vocabulary has grown so much! You're a real little boy now!

We can't believe in just over a month you'll be TWO!!!!!

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