Odin, my little sweetie

You are 14 months old! Boy, oh boy are you a handful! We still love you ;-)

You run and play and chase the dogs and we play I'm-gonna-catch-you games until dad or I swoop you up into our arms and tickle you.

My little boy, you run on the best kind of batteries. If we could take some of your energy and convert it to electricity, we might be able to run a washing machine a few times a week. I'm sure of it. :-)

Your dad and I suddenly understand why a lot of people have their kids in their 20s. We're not THAT old! but your are keeping us on our toes and keeping us moving and perhaps, young!

It's exhausting, but we LOVE playing with you. Your little laugh is still the best sound on this earth.

You have quite the little personality and you have a fantastic sense of humor.

The cutest thing you're doing lately, is when you lie on your tummy to see which of your toys are underneath the couch.

We also had our first big family holiday at the beach! You got to meet Omi, your great granny who lives in Aston Bay. By the time we left, you two were the best of pals. I battle to believe that a little old lady of turning 80 this year played like that with you. It was FAB to see.

Boy, you loved the beach! In fact, after saying hi to the sea, and we wanted to go back to the house, you got SO upset you were screaming at the top of your lungs. I've never seen you so mad. You just wanted to stay and play. So, we filled some buckets with sand and made you a makeshift sandbox at Omi's house.

You also loved to swim in the sea. We'd play with you in the water and hold you to make sure the waves don't knock you over. Eventually, your skin and lips got blue from you being cold, but you insisted on swimming more.

You love water of any kind whether it be your bath at night or to play in the doggy's water dishes.

You've been so cute this month. You touch your nose when we say "where's Odie's nose" or touch your right ear when we ask "where's Odie's ear?".

You are so clever! I think we underestimate just how smart you are.

You know what else you love? SMARTIES! The other night you got the empty box of smarties out of the dustbin for me to open the box and give you more. :'-D See what I mean with SO CUTE!

To make this month EVEN crazier........ you started school! The tears are still very difficult for this mommy to hold back when I drop you off in the morning. You only go for half day, and at night, you're much quieter and a little less of a tornado rummaging through the house, so I can only assume that they really keep you busy and stimulate your little mind so well.

Little honey, you are the sweetest, cutest little boy we know. We love you SO!