My dearest little boy, Odin

This month has been a crazy milestone filled one. You started crawling and cut your first tooth. You pull yourself up against us and Lily, and you sit up by yourself from a lying down position. When we urge you to copy us you say ma-ma and da-da. 

You love chocolate, so we have taken to brushing your little shark tooth in the mornings.

You've become a right little explorer. At any given time the contents of the kitchen cupboards are strewn all across the kitchen floor. 

Our poor girls Lily and Poppy: when you're not crawling (read wiggly-worming) after them you chase them around the kitchen table in your walker. They love this new game and I think it gives them a bit of exercise. They surely need the exercise as you're giving them a lot of your food from your high chair.

In fact, because you're more mobile now, you were sitting at your granny's house by the dog's dishes feeding the dachsies their doggy pellets, and helping yourself to some dog food too! If you grow a little tail and start to bark we'll know why ;-)

My boy, you are our pride and joy. We love you so.

Happy ten months sweetie!

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