Photo from  Flickr .

Photo from Flickr.

  1. When our pups Lily and Poppy were little, I noticed they had to taste everything in the house, from the coffee table to our shoes. Like a little pup Odie explores the world with his mouth too. He has even crawled up to me to put my toes in his mouth. (Eek!)
  2. Puppies chew. On everything! Our little Odin does too. He especially likes to chew on our fingers and likes to destroy newspaper and flyers into tiny bits. He gets quite upset though when we remove the paper so he can't eat it.
  3. Like a puppy terrorising older dogs, Odie does not leave the big dogs alone. He crawls after them every second he gets and when he's in his walker, he chases them around the kitchen table. It has become quite the pre-dinnertime game. Odie recently started throwing the ball to them to fetch so I know they've made a new best friend for life.
  4. Squirrel! Everybody knows puppies can't keep still, and thanks to Odie's short attention span, he'll be walking with his push toy and might fall over because something else caught his attention and he forgot to hold on.
  5. The same way little puppies love food, our little guy loves to eat dog food too. As soon as the doggy dishes are out he's after it. We allowed it once and have the video to show (but won't). GROSS.

Unlike a little puppy though, we can't leave Odie alone in the backyard to go to work. Then again, Mowgli was raised by wolves, so perhaps we should take our chances and leave him with the girls Lily and Poppy.

I'm kidding! Can you imagine what the garden will look like if they teach him to dig and we have three diggers in the family? I think not.

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