Sweetie pie

You are such a busy little bee this month! Shortly after your first birthday you took your first steps! You manage to stay upright longer and longer and you love to practise walking. The latest count of consecutive steps before you fell over were 20!

Photo by yellowlab.co.za
Photo by yellowlab.co.za

The other morning, I was making our bed, and heard you screaming from the kitchen. I rushed over because I could tell you were panicking. You discovered that you could climb on to the kitchen chairs and I figure once you were up there didn't know how to get down, so you took to 'calling' me. When I saw you standing on top of the chair I thought I'd have a little heart attack. Is it not too soon for climbing? 

Well, you've started climbing on to everything! It's nerve wrecking to watch because you are fearless. We'll always be very close by to catch you just in case.

You have also found your own little voice and that you can tell us if you are unhappy doing something or if you want to continue doing something. This usually happens when you're playing outside and we want to go inside so we can continue making supper or do other chores. You get so unhappy, you say "aah, aah, aaaaah" loudly and you try to get down from us holding on to you.

I love that you have a strong personality and that you fight for what you want. Unfortunately, if you always got what you wanted we might all live outside, sleep between the rocks and eat dirt. And we all know little boys won't grow big and tall from eating dirt alone ;-)  

We took you for your first haircut at Chopit at Lifestyle Centre on Beyers Naude. {We highly recommend taking your kiddo(s) here. Odin didn't even know his hair was being cut. There wasn't a single tear either!} The sweetest old lady named Marion cut your hair. We kept a small piece of hair and you received a certificate for your first haircut. It's silly, but I guess it was a big deal for me. My little baby is completely gone now. :'-(

However sad it is to watch you grow so quickly, your dad and I are delighted every day. We often say to each other, "look, he's such a rad little dude" or "ah, he's so cute".

Photo by yellowlab.co.za

My favorite thing is to watch you throw your arms up in the air and to walk around the house. We think you put your arms up to help you balance.

You're now also chasing Poppy around the kitchen table.

I think you'll be running really soon. :-)

Love you so so much little guy. I can just squish you, and hug you and kiss you and love you.


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