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Little honey

You went to bed a little baby and woke up a little boy. A little boy that bites (sometimes it's our toes!) with his two bottom teeth. A little boy that closes the baby gate when it's open or tries to escape to play in the dog's water dishes. You get SO upset when we don't allow you to play in their water or eat dog food. You curl your little back and throw yourself on the floor. We ignore you when you do this by the way. Your tantrums don't last long at all. By the time we've taken our second step away from you you've stopped crying.
You have a strong personality and point to what you want. It's much easier now to know what you want or if you're hungry/ thirsty. 
Your favorite friends are Lily and Daisy. When you get home from granny's house, after playing with Daisy the dachshund, you pull yourself up on Lily the big lab and you throw your little arms around her like you're hugging her.
You are such a clever little boy. You easily solve little puzzles and then hand us the toy take it apart (again) so you can solve it (again).

You love to stick your hand in a tub of bum cream or lotion.

You wave. Sometimes you're so happy to see us that you nearly fall over from waving.

When we take the camera out or point our smart phones at you, you know we are taking photos and you pull the silliest little face. You close your little eyes and you pull your mouth into a really big smile. You're so cute!

We love to tickle you to hear your laugh!

You've just about perfected the art of standing. We think you are so close to taking your first solo steps.

Happiest of birthdays on your very first birthday our little boy! You're growing up so fast. One day, your feet are gonna be as big as daddy's but you'll always be our little sweetie pie.

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