My girls, Lily and Poppy

We made a fuss of you on your birthdays, we just never got around to photographing and making a special birthday post for you.

I'm so ashamed that when we took you to the vet for your rabies boosters and yearly check up, that you are so incredibly overweight. You know that life's been SO busy. In what has probably been our BUSIEST year EVER, we have failed you :'(

We are pushing really hard to fulfill our duties at home, to you, to each other and Odin. We have even taken to growing our photography business. Now I see that even if you're pushing really hard to get things done and build your dreams along the way you're gonna drop some balls. Clearly we have too many balls in the air at the moment. 

So, my girls, I'll prioritize better. Building our dreams on the side might take a little longer, but then my family won't suffer because of it. If I don't blog twice a week, our new company policy will be to only blog ONCE a week. There is no point in trying to do so many things that you're not even managing to get to the very basic things to do. 

You know, you are the reason and inspiration for this business. We want to be as happy as you are when you're running through the park, tongues hanging out and tails wagging, preserving and capturing life as awesome as it is so we'll never forget how happy we are, to motivate us when we're perhaps not feeling as grand.

You're on a crazy strict diet right now and I'll take you to the vet every two weeks to get weighed. I'll be putting you and my family first when making decisions on how to use my time best.

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You are the most beautiful girls to me. I promise I'll do a better job of taking care of you and our family.

Happy belated 3rd birthday honeys! I love you guys!

PS For their first birthday, Lily and Poppy each got their own post and a combined post on their second birthday. Click to read fun facts about them.

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