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My sweetest little boy

You will be 11 months on Friday. You are so busy! You crawl faster and faster by the day. Either your daddy or I have to watch you constantly to make sure you don't get hurt. You're pulling yourself up on everything and love to try to escape out the backdoor when the baby gate is open.

You get SO upset and scream and try bite us when we pick you up to try contain you to safe areas only. Your granny Urs was watching you one Saturday at home and she let you play outside and in the dog's water dishes. You loved it so much and had a whale of a time! You are so curious and every little nook of the house has to be explored. You LOVE to play. You were having such a grand time in your ball pit that you were starting to fall asleep in it. On the first day of having the ball pit you refused to sleep, you only wanted to play! You also love to spin around the lounge in daddy's arms.

You love to unpack the kitchen cupboards and drawers AND you've also taken to throwing the ball for Lily! One of your favorite things to do is to put things inside something else. 

We really have our hands full with you. You're hard work, but we love it. This time now is the most demanding you are ever going to be. This is the most you're ever going to need us, ever, and it makes us a little sad. Your daddy and I really try to cherish this time because it's going by so quickly.

We can not believe how quickly you've grown. A little boy has taken over where our little baby once was. You are now even attempting to stand on your own!

Little honey, I want to ask you to grow just a little slower, but that's not fair of mommy. So I'll purposely slow down more and savour the craziness and loveliness that is you. Oh my goodness, the next monthly post I write, you'll be ONE!


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