My little boy is almost one, and I'm ashamed to say that I'm only now getting around to blogging his baby shower and baby related photos. There is another cool thing though that happened nearly a year ago that I'd like to share: Expectant dads, take note.

Here is the most romantic thing my hubby's EVER done.

When Odin was just five days old, hubby took him to the nursery to change his nappy. After he changed his nappy, he called me over in a panic. He said Odie had left a present just for me and it's best if I rechange his nappy. (Who knew babies could go through SO MANY nappies!) The bizarre thing was, that there was a burp cloth over the bubs. I stepped up to the compactum and Odie kicked the burp cloth off on to the floor and there's a ring box lying next to the baby!


I was SO surprised and this ring is SO sentimental. Hubby tells me the ring has five stones. A stone for each member of the family. The blue stones are Odin's birth stone. There are three Topaz's for each one of us: Hubby, me and Odin. The two diamonds, are for our fur babies: Lily and Poppy.

Johannesburg photographer

And it gets better! When you turn the ring on its side, Odin's name is engraved on it!

Johannesburg photographer

Tears stream down my cheeks and I'm grateful for such a thoughtful husband every day.

Hubs, this is the nicest, most romantic thing you've ever done and I think of it everyday. I'm so grateful for you, our life and our healthy little boy.

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