We recently bought one of these Fujifilm instax mini 8 cameras and we honestly LOVE it.  Naturally, we were drawn to the yellow one and I wonder if we're not taking our brand identity too far ;-)


The film is not cheap, but if you're using it for a photo here or there or on special occasions, we think it will make for a really nice album or fridge door.

Other than special occasions, our favorite time to pull this cute little camera out of the bag is when we're doing portrait, newborn or family photo shoots. People of all ages love to watch the photo develop. You'll be surprised how long 2 minutes are when you're waiting for the picture to appear. This adds such a nice touch to a photo session that our clients immediately have a photo to take home even before their photo shoot has ended.

Photo by yellowlab.co.za

Here is Pierre posing with the photo from their family shoot. I love that even though you can't see him, you can tell that he's smiling!

This camera is so simple to use! The camera determines the best brightness for your image and shows you where to put the brightness adjustment dial. Once you've turned the dial, you simply press the release button and wait for your picture to come to life!

What's really special about these photos, is that there are no negatives or back up files for these images. If you want a copy, you'll have to scan it. Each photo is the only copy so something to really treasure!

PS. This is not a sponsored post. We love this new little camera in our line up and wanted to share the joy with our friends. :-) Would you consider buying one?