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  1. It is the most beautiful time of year with the Jacarandas in full bloom. So happy and blessed to have clients that bring along color coordinated helium balloons to photograph with said Jacarandas.
  2. Happy for old blog posts like this that let you relive moments. 
  3. The Photo and film expo is this week and weekend and we are planning to upgrade our camera! :-D YAY!
  4. Happy for busy weekends. 
  5. So happy to have photographed an 11 day old. Can't wait to edit the images!
  6. Excited to be celebrating the little dude's first birthday soon. 
  7. Childishly excited about an upcoming holiday. We are planning on taking the entire family AND the yellow labs to the beach. The labs are going to FREAK. OUT! Can hardly wait!
  8. BONUSPOINT!!! If that's not enough to smile about, watch these labbies play:

Have a super day friends!

PS Do you want to remember a happy time with your family? If you'd like, Yellow Lab can photograph you and yours so that you will remember this time in your life forever. Give us a call or drop us an email today. You won't regret it.