Hi friends! My big camera is not always out to capture my little guy when he's being cute. As a result, I take a lot of pictures with my phone.  What I especially like about using my phone, is that I can immediately share it with friends and family on facebook, twitter or instagram. I often get compliments on my phone pics, so I wanted to share a few tips with you on how to take better pictures of your little one with your camera phone today.

1. Lighting

Before I even reach for my phone, I check to see what the lighting is like. If it's at night, I make sure to switch on another light if I can. During the day, I'll run to open the curtain or a door to allow more natural light to stream into the picture. Make sure to take this step. The cameras on our smartphones these days are pretty good, but generally, they don't function that well in low light situations.

Photo by yellowlab.co.za

2. Check the background

If time allows, I suggest you try get the background as clear from clutter as possible. Either by changing the camera angle or by kicking the shoes in the background out of the picture. When the background has fewer distractions the viewer can really enjoy the picture and their eyes won't wander to an untidy (read: lived in) home in the background. I also find that when the background is plain, the photos are more memorable.

Photo by yellowlab.co.za
Photo by yellowlab.co.za

3. Get on the same level

I find that the photos almost always come out better when I move myself and make sure my camera/ phone is on my little one's level. Instead of looking down at him from where I'm standing, I get to capture and see him a little differently. This makes SUCH a huge difference when a photograph doesn't look down at its subject matter. 

Photo by yellowlab.co.za

4. Catch lights

I've left the best and my favorite one for last. Catch lights are the reflections in ones eyes when light reflects off of it. Start looking for these light reflections, it truly makes a picture come alive! If catch lights are not visible, try changing your little ones face to be in the direction of a light source. It's not always possible to change a little one's position, but once you start noticing catch lights, you'll see them everywhere!

Photo by yellowlab.co.za

PS All the photos used today were taken with my phone. I'd love to see yours, so be sure to comment and leave your instagram username!

PPS Want me to take professional photos of your little one? Contact me today so we can talk about your own photo shoot!