Hi friends, Salomé here. Here's eleven fun facts you don't know about me so you can get to know, like and trust the girl behind the camera more.

  1. I used to think The Cranberries, Live and Tracy Chapman was just the best. Today, I'm loving Taylor Swift and Mary Lambert. 
  2. I love runny eggs, but can never make them myself. I always overcook it and I never get around to going out and treating myself to an eggs royale.
  3. If I have more than two cups of coffee a day I start to feel jittery.
  4. My favorite things to eat are seafood and any other savory things. I'm a sucker for Flings.
  5. I love bubblegum milkshakes.
  6. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a newsreader like Marietta Kruger. Today, my day job is as an info graphics artist for the biggest news agency south of the pyramids.
  7. I used to paint oil paintings. In my final year of art school one of my paintings were chosen for the yearbook cover. :-)
  8. One of my favorite celebrities are Meg Ryan. Probably because if a fairy godmother had to swing a magic wand and put me in Hollywood, I'd like to be Meg Ryan. (Because of the movie City of Angels I thought "Seth" was the prettiest name for a little boy.)
  9. I have a green thumb when I apply myself. Actually, as we speak, I have a veggie garden growing spinach, strawberries, bay leave, olives, lettuce and a few weeds.
  10. I can't commit to a favorite color. I love them all. Not equally, but I love them all.
  11. I have always thought yellow to be the happiest color of them all. Since starting Yellow Lab, I've been obsessed with buying things in a yellow variation. The latest purchases include a Fujifilm instant camera and "sun kisses" yellow nail polish. 
  12. BONUS POINT!! I feel like the happiest time in my life has been the past year till now. Since becoming a mommy I'm more courageous and frequently step outside my comfort zone. Jono, hubby, thank you for believing in me.

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