This is the story about how I, Salomé from Yellow Lab, found my passion.

I've always been a very visual person. I studied fine art at school and completed my studies in visual design. What I was most passionate about at the time was painting faces in bright colour oil paintings. I also had photography as a subject at university. I liked photography, and I enjoyed it, but it wasn't alive in me.................................................................................................... yet.  
What I didn't realise was that I just hadn't found the right subject matter. YEARS later, when hubs and I committed to two puppies, my heart skipped a beat when I took this photo. 

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I saw the picture in my head just before I took it and as I took it it was as if something went "Sha-BANG!" and I had a perfect picture to remember the pups exactly as they were then.

Soon after this photo I discovered silhouettes, lens flares, catch lights and bokeh. Our little boy is born and he is the most perfect little thing to me and I can NOT put the camera down. I set up little photo shoots and when the big camera's not out I use the next best thing, my iPhone.

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I LOVE when I press the shutter and something in me just knows I'm gonna love that pic and the subjects are going to love it too. I'm still fascinated by faces but now paint my pictures with light. I start to photograph friend's newborns and do couple shoots for newly engaged family members. And you know what? I love it! Time goes by so quickly when I'm shooting and every shot that "Sha-BANGS!" make me smile from ear to ear. The best part, is that the people who I photograph LOVE their photos too! It makes me SO happy. If we spend an afternoon rowing around Zoo Lake that's new memories that I helped them create. I captured their happiness for them to one day share with their grandchildren or for them to look back at and reminisce about. 

I feel so privileged that people invite me into their lives to share in their moments. I'm so pleased that I can help people capture their little ones with professional looking photographs. I hope that when this little girl looks at this picture when she's older, she'll remember a time where she had no worries and will smile.  

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I am so passionate about remembering memories because we regret things once it's too late. I'm completely distraught that my granny didn't live to see our little boy. I wish I had more photographs of my granny and myself. Odin's namesake (his granddaddy) also passed away before we could make a trip to go see him so he could meet Odin. We NEED to photograph the people we love before they're gone. 

Because tomorrow might be too late, I believe in capturing the happiness you're experiencing today, TODAY. If we capture it, we'll always remember it. I believe that everybody has their piece of history that is WORTH remembering.

PS If you're interested in capturing a piece of your history and you're in the Gauteng area in South Africa, contact us right now so that we can discuss your very own photo shoot whether it's with your family, your best friends, your pets or your kids - you won't regret it.