Not a day goes by that we don't utter the words, he's so cute, Odie's so adorable, he's so clever, look at you!

Odin, we love you so much. Your dad and I just want to hold, squish, hug and love you. Your grannies and grandaddies absolutely adore you too. You have all your loved ones wrapped around your little pinkies.

When I see someone else holding you, I simply can not believe how big you've grown. The saying "kids grow like weeds" are absolutely true. You keep developing your skills a little more every day. I can see that you're wanting to crawl. You put yourself onto your knees, but once you're there, you're not sure what's next. I'm quite sure you'll figure it out soon. I'm so excited for you, but at the same time, I'm terrified. Once you're mobile we're going to have to watch you even more closely. We won't be able to leave you out of our site for a second, not even to use the loo. Oh boy!

We love to watch you grow. You're such a little boy and the little 'baby' in you are futher and futher away and a thing of the past with every nap you take.

We've started to plan your first birthday (rainbow) party. We have so many ideas and things to prepare. Time is running out, there is only 4 months to go. I can't believe it. Eeeek!

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Little honey, you are simply the sweetest little thing under the sun. I trust you feel loved and know just how special you are to us.

Love you little dude!

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