Two weeks ago hubby and I spent the day with photo genius Johan Combrink (owner of LensRental's Pretoria branch was holding a workshop on studio lighting and for the cost of a small lunch we joined them for a day of en-light- enment :-D.
The only editing that's been done to the below pictures, were a very slight brush on a spot or two. So these pictures show you just how beautiful and effective Johan's lighting technique is. It certainly helped that we had an amazing model (Dirkie Kruger) to work with.

Thanks Johan for a wonderful day that really changed the way Jono and I see photography. We now look at light completely differently.

And finally, on to the sexy pictures. Especially the very last one. You usually find images of dogs and babies on this blog, but not today.

Dirkie-01Dirkie-02Dirkie-03See what I mean? This is way, WAY too sexy for this blog ;-)

P.S. If you're in the market for equipment rental and unmatched advise, contact We're keeping an eye on their facebook page for any other workshops they're likely to offer.

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