Little Odie

We urgently have to start baby proofing the house. Now that you're cruising around in your walker, you've started to open the kitchen cupboard doors. I foresee you unpacking the kitchen on a regular basis.

You want to touch and taste everything new. You love to share my tea and sip it from a small spoon. One of your favorite things to do at granny Gladys' house is gardening. You really enjoy touching the yellow flowers and to pull the plants out of the dirt. (Granny said she doesn't mind.)

You laugh loudly when we kiss your neck.

Each day you make new and different noises. You try to mimic us and it often sounds like you're saying "hel-lo". However it sounds more like "Heh-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow".

Your daddy and I love to take you toy shopping. When you're with your immediate reaction show us which toy is a hit or miss. It's a little soon, but we got you a rocking horse. We're still deciding how to paint it. We also got you a little wooden high chair so you can sit on your own at dinner time. It's much easier now to keep your little hands out of my food. ;-)

You sit between daddy and I at dinner time. When daddy rests his arm on the back of your little high chair he looks so happy to have you as his little boy. It makes me smile and so happy to see him so content.

You are our little honey and we love you SO much. We protect you from any hurt and pain and if we could will give you the world in a heartbeat.

You are so special. Happy seven months my boy!

Photo by Salomé Nourse I Photo by Salomé Nourse I Photo by Salomé Nourse I Photo by Salomé Nourse I www.withbigyellowdogs.wordpress.comSee month 1, 2, 34, 5 and 6 here.

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