I've been chatting to my friend Kendra from Chicago about travelling with our canine companions. She had some good advice that she gave her family that I'd love to share with you.

Next Up for Kendra: The Windy City with Fido

My extended family is coming to Chicago this summer, and they’ve decided to bring along their furry family member as well. Traveling with a dog is a great opportunity to get out and explore, but you definitely want to do some planning upfront to make the trip as enjoyable as possible for your pup. I have found that these tips can make everything better and simpler when you bring a pet along.

Don't Fly Airplanes aren't the best environments for dogs. They can get motion sickness or just feel upset that you're not with them in an unfamiliar scary place. If you consider that most dogs have to travel in a separate area than the rest of the family, it's kind of frightening to think that your dog could be alone or be separated from you for several hours. If traveling by airplane is the only option, you should read pet policies for different airplanes beforehand.

Set Up A Homey Crate While crating isn't a good option all the time, it's kind of necessary when you travel with pets. They have to have a comfortable part of home that they can return to when you're back at the hotel or visiting people on the road. I fill up our dog's crate with comfy blankets; chew toys and treats to make her feel more at home.

Boat Safety Since we'll likely be going out on the lake in Chicago, I want to make sure that our pup is safe at all times. She gets a life vest just like the rest of us. Dogs tend to get tired easily when swimming because they have to work so much harder. It's best to think of your dog ahead of time and purchase the necessary equipment to keep your pet happy and healthy no matter where you're exploring.

Find Hotels with Pet-Friendly Policies Most hotels offer some kind of pet-friendly policy, but they may not have amenities to back it up. I'm able to find a lot of great hotels that have incredible pet-friendly policies and really go out of their way to make pets more comfortable. For example, some hotels even have a doggy breakfast.

I can't wait to go on this trip with my family and bring our pup along. I hope these tips help you plan your trip with Fido this summer.

That's some fantastic advice as we're planning a long trip with our girls Lily (the lab) and Poppy (the golden) soon.

Travelling with my dogs are usually only a trip to Emmarentia, a park close by to us where they get to run around and or splash in the dam.

Here's a few tricks I've learnt in getting my dogs from home to the park and back.

We have large dogs so it helps to have a car in which they can comfortably fit. I've learnt that popping them into the boot is the best way to get them in.

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The Jeep is quite high and the boot tall so the girls sometimes need a little help to get in. In this case it helps to have a hubby with you with big strong arms to assist Lily and Poppy into the boot while I strap the baby into his car seat.

The girls' luscious fur coats and muddy paws have wrecked havoc on the inside of my car before. I tried in the past to put a plastic cover down for the girls to sit on, but they then tend to slip and slide around when the car turns. Hence, the cheap and clever solution of using an old towel. Before they jump in, I quickly lay down the towel and voila. Much less mess and they also don't move around. They feel safer and I can concentrate on the road when we're driving rather than worrying about them.

My last top tip is that someone sits next to the baby in his car seat to check that the girls don't drool on him ;-)

I wish anybody and everybody travelling with their fur babies a bone voyage!