odin-month4-photo1 odin-month4-photo2I can't believe you are 4 months old already. What's even more incredible, is that you are now nearly double your weight since birth. Your beautiful little personality is starting to shine through each of your lovely gummy smiles.

We have laugh marathons where we smile and laugh at you with you smiling and laughing back. They last so long that my face eventually hurts?!

You have started to touch your toes. You have a grand time playing with them. You've also started to touch our faces. Your little mind is exploring and learning so much at the moment.

You are fascinated by your canine sisters Lily and Poppy. You love to see the animals at your granny Gladys' guesthouse and smiled really big when you touched the cats Poplap and Lover.

You are a real little boy. When we make fart sounds with our mouths you always laugh. You also love and laugh when we give you kisses. Except when your grandaddy David kisses your cheek.... He has a mustache that tickles your face so you cringe whenever he gives you a kiss.

Your little cringes are too adorable; much like everything about you!

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