1 month new

odin-month1-photo-1 odin-month1-photo-2You are such a beautiful little baby. Your dad and I can't stop staring at you in awe of how perfect you are. Lily and Poppy often go into your room to check on you in your cot and take turns to sleep in front of it. This entire month I'm very sore from surgery and am so grateful your daddy's home for the first two weeks of your life. Sleep deprivation is killer. We are so glad that we scheduled a newborn photo shoot (Part 1 & Part 2) for you or we would have not taken such good professional photos of you and would not have had pictures of just how beautiful and small you are.

2 months new

odin-month2-photo-1odin-month2-photo-2You are changing so much every week if not every day. You already don't look like a squishy newborn anymore but more and more like a handsome little boy.

I'm getting the hang of nappy changes and am less afraid to bath and dress you.

You surprise us with gummy smiles that melt our hearts.

You sleep through your first Christmas and New Year, understandably as you are still a very young baby. I opened your Christmas presents for you and you loved to play with the wrapping paper.