Life with a small baby can be hard. Nothing will ever prepare you for this kind of sleep deprivation. Luckily for Odie, he is quite cute. Else we might have taken him back to the hospital and requested a refund (Really, I'm just kidding) as he must be broken. I mean, the boy hardly sleeps.

Other than the little sleep, our baby is such a cutie. His newborn photos had me wondering about other ways to display and treasure this adorableness. Minted contacted me to write a site review and I was surprised at other alternative designs I could have used for our birth announcement. Their site is extremely user friendly and the designs to choose from world class. My favorite birth announcement designs are these:

Adored Birth Announcements


Uptown Birth Announcements

Odie003Big Baby Name Birth Announcements

I was really surprised to see all the other products they have to offer. There is something for anyone at every stage of life and celebration. Their range consist of wedding invitations, business cards, Valentine's gifts, notebooks, personalizable calendars, event decor and even art. I'm thinking about ordering this print for little Odin's nursery.

Fiesta Turtle Neck

I'd also like to have a personalizable journal or two sent to me. You see, when I was expecting, I wrote weekly letters to my little dude-to-be. I would write them at work during lunch time and emailed it to myself. Now though, all those letters are stuck in an email archive. It would be so lovely to copy those letters into one of these journals. 

Pop of Color Journals


The Story of You Journals


Washi Love Journals

You could, in fact, use these journals for just about anything. How about secret recipes?
So whether you have a little one or if your little one is on the way, or even if there is no little one, I'm sure you'll find a reason to use Minted. Plus, if you complete the survey on their website you will get 10% off of your order. Now isn't that a good reason to visit?