Our Baby Boy is due in 5 days' time. I don't think I can wait another five days. I should be more thankful that I get to carry our Baby Boy this long and at all yet, I'm so ready to have this pregnancy over. I'm really tired of being pregnant. I'm ready to trade in my morning sickness for a bouncy little boy. I'm so ready to get to hold my "reward" for not having a single drop of alcohol this entire year. My first glass of wine is still a while away and all we have left to do is wait.

I might add we are waiting perhaps just a little impatiently. Hubby and I have been shining a torch on my tummy and have been speaking to our little one a whole lot more lately. We are trying to lure him out like a little bird. We think that if the outside world seems more interesting than Hotel Uterus, our little babe might decide it's time.

The family is anxiously waiting. Granny Gladys (my mom) has been phoning me every day to see if there is any progress or sign that the little one might come. :-)

C'mon little one, it's time to come out to play.

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