People have been telling me that I'm glowing and that I look SO happily pregnant. I feel healthy and excited about welcoming Baby Boy into our world. BUT.....

I'm starting to get really uncomfortable. Besides a baby belly my body's decided to also grow cankles. I really battle to reach my feet and my toes need to be painted. My back aches. I'm uncomfortable when I sleep. My sleep is ALWAYS interrupted with trips to the loo. That is, unless I wake up from terrible heartburn, nausea or extreme hunger. And suddenly it also appear that morning sickness has returned. At times I feel downright miserable.

I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have had such an uneventful healthy pregnancy thus far and I'm just about ready to have it over. I have 10 work days left till my maternity leave starts and yes, I'm counting down the hours cause I can not seem to stay awake or focussed never mind think about getting any work done.

I've managed to wash 5 loads of itty bitty baby clothes, socks and blankets and have probably another 2 to go. Then, I have the task of packing THE hospital bag. The finish line is drawing closer and the end is near. I'm getting quite excited now to be handed our little one and to say: "Happy birthday little fellow", and on the other hand I am just so scared and starting to freak out. I don't want to break our little guy or have him develop some kind of weird psychological issues because his mommy was too so or so. I'm petrified of being a bad mom because I know this little guy only deserves the best.

I'm beginning to wonder if I actually have a clue of what is waiting for me.........Or perhaps I need to get an early night's rest so I might feel calmer and more at ease about birthing and caring for a newborn. Sounds like something any good doctor would order: An early night's rest and a pedicure. :-)