It feels like just the other day hubs and I started a new life in this house with our pups Lily and Poppy. Alas, Lily's birthday was on 3 August and Poppy's on the 17th. We celebrated with party hats, large ostrich bones, a walk at Emmarentia, doggy treats and a new tug-of-war Kong toy. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

We love our girls so very much.

Fun facts about these two:

  • They love to play hide-and-seek. I keep them with me for 15 seconds while I count and hubs hides. As soon as he's ready, he whistles and they RUN to find him. They will comb over the entire house, room for room until they find him. Once he's been found, there's great excitement, pats gets given and they're stroked until he goes to hide again.
  • Lily has a chronic eye allergy and gets eye drops every morning. She sits patiently at eyedrop time and lets you put them in each eye. For a treat of course. Poppy sits next to Lily at eyedrop time. Because there's treats involved. And because the girls have to work for their treats, Poppy gets fake eye drops (we pretend to put eyedrops in Poppy's eyes).
  • They love to get hugs. Poppy loves when I shout "double-hug-time!" and they both get hugged at the same time. Poppy often looks like she's smiling.
  • Poppy is much more tolerant of party hats and being dressed up than Lily.
  • If there is ever a pool of mud while out on a walk, Poppy will be the one to find it.
  • As soon as a sock or piece of clothing ends up on the floor, Lily will bring it to you. Particularly impressed with herself. She loves to have a job to do. Even if it is to pass your slippers from the bottom shelf of your cupboard. It is also her job to carry the basket with fresh produce from the veggie garden to the kitchen.
  • Poppy doesn't believe in performing tricks the way Lily does. I mean, she doesn't live in a circus and besides, Lily's there to do all the tricks. Poppy can be terribly demanding. If she doesn't get stroked enough to her liking, she sighs loudly. When I see her prance around the garden she moves like a lipizzaner. If she could be anything other than herself, she'd choose to be a unicorn.

I'm so pleased our baby boy will get to grow up with these two monkeys by his side. :-)