Time is flying by. Before we know it, Hubs and I will have our Baby Boy in our arms. 

We're still not certain about what we'll call him. Luckily we have 17 weeks still to decide.

I'm loving my belly and still find it so incredible that there is a little person in there. Fun fact about this little person: He is quite active at ten o'clock at night when his mommy wants to sleep, and again at four o'clock in the morning when I absolutely have to get up to eat something or I feel like I might just starve. It seems his routine is set in already keeping me from sleep. Surely this is NOTHING compared to what is still to come.

Weekly belly pictures taken from week 15 to 23.

But then I tell myself that little gummy smiles and the scent of a tiny baby will make all the sleepless nights worthwhile. And I can hardly wait. :-)