At 20 weeks preggo we've passed the halfway mark. I can not believe just how quickly time flies. That means that in 20 short weeks' time, the hubs and I will be cuddling our little arrival in our arms. 

I've been feeling Baby Boy move a lot more lately. He especially moves when hubs plays loudly with Lily and Poppy. I wonder if that means he wants to play with.

Anyway, choosing a name for our little man has been quite the struggle. There is one name we really really love. Everybody who hears it loves it EXCEPT for one of the grannies. So I think I'm telling her we're considering "Zeus" or "Kronos" for Baby Boy and then when the time comes, she'll prefer the name she didn't like.

Or if I don't try to fool her with "Zeus" or "Kronos", she has 20 weeks to get used to the name hubs and I love. Her opinion matters a lot to me, but hubs and I really adore this name we have picked out. Actually, we loved this name even before we got pregnant. No doubt we'll keep our ears and hearts open for something new, but if that doesn't happen, I think we've got our Baby Boy's name.

I mean, we can't call him Baby Boy forever.

And you? How much did the grandparents influence your decision in naming your little one(s)? I'd love to know!