About a month ago, we had a team of general repair and building men in to do some work on our outbuilding. More on the outbuilding later though. Perhaps even way way later. We also got them to fix something that’s been irritating us since we moved into our house.


In the corner of the sunroom, is a really large steel pipe. I presume this sunroom was the original house’s old stoep thus that pipe would have been “outside”. But seeing as the old stoep is part of the inside of the house, the pipe is only an eyesore.

We had it cut smaller so we can strategically place furniture to disguise its ugliness.

But then, as the pipe was being removed, we found that there was pressed ceiling hiding underneath the ceiling board.

photo 1

Although a little damaged it is nothing hubby and I can’t fix. Tons of elbow grease later and I’m ready for this ceiling to be done and the walls to be repainted.

Alas, these things take time. And they take even more time when you do them yourself.

photo 2

photo 4

photo 3

photo 5

I can tell by this last photo that all the hard work will be worth it. Can you picture it yet?

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