Two Sundays ago the hubs and I celebrated my birthday. It might sounds silly, but it has been a wish of mine to ride all the scary rides at Gold Reef City Theme Park. And we did just that! As a bonus, when you go on your birthday, you get in for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


The Anaconda really was pretty scary and I screamed like an old woman a little girl crying for her mommy.

48129_10151754098252846_768595320_n But when I saw the Tower of Terror. Oh my. The Tower of Terror.

really scaredWe watched it a few times. First, it slowly raises you 50 meter into the air, and then slightly turns, so you are staring straight into the ground below you and then suddenly it drops at a speed of 100km/h straight into an open mine shaft. While watching others, tears started streaming down my cheeks and I thought I might actually have a little heart attack if I go on that ride. But it was now or never. Hubs and I set out to go on ALL the scariest of rides and this was the big boss of thrill rides. Bring it.

The trick to The Tower of Terror is to just get yourself into that seat because once you are strapped in, there's is NO going back or stopping. And you probably won't die either. It truly was over so quickly, that before you can say whiplash you are back where you got on.

Hubby tells me that the view from up there was amazing. He even saw Soccer City. Me being the scared-cat that I am had my eyes closed the whole time.  :-/

It was such a lovely and fun day :) I loved feeling like a kid again and LOVE that I had my best-est friend right there to share it with me.

539437_10151754098257846_904109489_nHubby, you spoil me so much. Thank you for the best birthday ever! You really made me feel so very special.