Brace yourselves, friends. This is a lengthy post. My phone contract got upgraded and I can't allow the pictures I took with my BlackBerry to disappear. I must say, it's fun to see how things have changed the past two years.

A trip to Umhlanga. It was so hot at 4 am hubs and I couldn't sleep any longer and went for a walk on the beach.

Stitch (left) and Candy (right). MIL's doggies.

Funny sign.

Strawberry Daquiri on the beach at a place called Beach Bums.

We replaced all those horrible spotlights through out our townhouse with more appropriate light fixtures.

A gallery wall in our old townhouse.

New art bought at a flea market.

Hubs mid ceiling painting session.

Loved the chicken in our townhouse's kitchen.

A fish foot spa experience. Eek!

Cause you have to photograph Siamese mushrooms.

SOLD! Home owners of this beaut in Melville.

Cause the home owners  are going to need a kitchen table. My mum painted her old pine dining set and gave it to us. :)

My Lily-bear's parents. Her daddy is on the left.

Lily in her littlest form. :)

I had my doggies' name tags made a whole week before I'd meet them. Which was a few days before/ after we moved from our townhouse to our freestanding home.

The cutest Lily.

The start of her obsession / love for 'fetch' and a ball.

Cause puppy needs to recharge.

Three days later Poppy came home. :) Double trouble as I called them then.

Lily immediately dominating.

Chewing the same piece of bamboo.

But wait, that's the little Poppit on top! Who's dominating now?

A ball that was in the yard when we got there.

Passed out.

Sleeping in the pantry.

Nail polish match the Jacaranda flowers on our lawn.

Looks like they passed out mid-play.

Madam loves to sit in the water feature. She loves to get wet and muddy.

Laundry puppy.

Pups in the shower.

"No mom, I haven't been tasting your new plants from the nursery."

The street we live in as seen in October. Everyday I am so grateful for being here. It really is a dream to be living in such a beautiful house with my Love and our puppies/ monsters.

The guestroom before we ripped out the carpet.

The first home renovation that took place. Paint and restring the washing line. Seriously, it is so awesome to have my own washing line. (We used to share washing lines in the townhouse complex.)

They were naughty here. I think they ripped out my new lavender bushes, but I CAN'T be mad at those little faces.

The side gate. Look at the little tails wagging. :) Always happy to see us.

Chewing their bones in the lounge. Notice the green carpet.

The start of the dreaded stripes in the hallway.

Lounge post carpet. Hardwood floors ready to be sanded.

The girls out growing their bed. They look strange to me in this in between medium size. Not small, not big.

Sanding hardwood floors on a Friday night.

My kitchen floor in the process of being varnished. The girls sleeping close by in hardwood floor dust.

The start of an entry. Hydrangeas from the garden.

Poppy barking at the potbellypig at MIL's house.

The first ever x-mas lunch from my kitchen. (Note: not the piggy in the above photo.)

Another doggy bed.

New chandelier.

Deep conversation after work. She's not actually allowed on the couch.

A trip to Witbank to say goodbye to my gran. Fitting gray weather.

The front door. Hubs asked me not to buy more heart shaped things.



Life's a drag.

Kitchen window.

Clock collection in the entry. Also, one of my favourite things: an orchid.

Puppy in the water feature.

My view from the bed. They've had enough of sleeping and want to go outside.

Love the way my kitchen table looks when I'm on an cooking spree. Makes me feel like I know what I'm doing.

A veggie patch fence in progress.

A veggie patch in progress. Dated May 2012.

A sign in the kitchen.

Lily keeping an eye while we're working in the veggie patch.

And now for my favourites....

Three blondes in the carport.

Medium size puppies.

Massive pups on a swim walk at Delta Park.

In two years we managed to fix and sell our townhouse. We found and bought a house large enough  to have a big yellow dog. We moved and got two yellow dogs. We started renovating and suddenly the puppies are massive.

How time flies when you're having fun.