A few months ago (read almost year) ago I wanted stripes. I wanted to paint stripes in our passage. Hubby advised against it, but of course, the wife wants what the wife wants.

Me: "But it looks so awesome my Hun, look here, look at how awesome it looks."

Hubby: "I don't think it's a good idea."

Me: "Okay, if it really sucks, if it has to be fixed, I'll do it myself. I'll paint it myself."

We got white paint and blue paint, AND a laser (pronounced lay-zor cause we find it funny to say "lay-zor"). The wife gets what the wife wants.

All of this happened 11 months ago.

This past weekend I* painted the passage the same shade as the main living area in our house.

So, who's up for painting stripes? Not me? Been there, got the t-shirt laser.

*Hubby helped of course. Did this teach me to listen to his decor advise? Probably not.