The earthworms from the veggie patch had me know that the basil is freezing its gonads off. I really have to take better care of it next winter. Noted. Basil does not like the cold.

Other things that really don't like the cold? Camomile. In fact, I think its dead, hence the little RIP on the above sketch. But I'm letting it be and hope it decides to grow again.

Most of the tomato plants are not crazy about the cold, some better than the ones that are just coping.

All the lettuce, baby spinach and spinach is producing like crazy. We eat from the garden just about every day now. I really want to try and use as much of the lettuce and spinach before the weather warms up and the plants bolt. Well, that's what I think is going to happen. I'm still so very new at this, but I reckon that's whats gonna happen. Would rather be prepared, right? So when they bolt, I'll pull them out of the ground and feed them to the chickens. Oh wait, I don't have any chickens. I'll pull them out and plant something else in its place.

The little strawberry plant I got when I just started this garden is still alive and getting bigger. Actually didn't think it would last this long. I actually didn't think I'd be able to grow anything. It should only get better now. Lets wait and see if we get strawberries. That will just be incredible.

The curled parsley LOVES the cold. Its growing like crazy and looking really big and green. The celery is also going bos aka growing like crazy. Same story with the chives.

Weeds are starting to take over in the paths where I haven't completed the weed guard and gravel. Should get done in a month or two.

Also, the patch didn't have those obelisks when I last showed you the veggie patch. Hubs helped me make those from bamboo we had.

Also new, is what I hope to be the herb wall to use all that prime real estate in the sun. Still collecting tins to complete it. So far there's only 5 with basil seedlings.

More seedlings planted but not shown on the sketch: beetroot and red and green lettuce.

I took a chance with lettuce seeds in the strawberry bed and they appear to have germinated.

Another totally weird thing (well to me anyway): I took three lavender pieces and stuck them into one of the beds. That was about two months ago. They're still alive. I reckon the thing with lavender, is, they're all like "Do not luv-va me so mu-uch", and they'll grow. As soon as you start fussing over lavender, It. Will. Die. I reckon when I transplant them in spring or summer they'll have formed nice roots.

Want to know what else is really really awesome? Let me show you.

That, dear friends, is my first little tomato... :)

And the plant next to this one is also flowering. The veggie patch is doing pretty good....... and considering its winter, imagine what it could look like in summer!

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