C'mon in. Pardon the mess, I'm busy making breakfast. Also, don't mind Poppy. She's keeping an eye out so the eggs don't burn. Let me show you my new stove.

Pretty hey? Awesome. I love it too. Remember what it used to look like? I know heh? Massive improvement. I'm dying to take down this white extractor. But I haven't really MADE time to get it down so I guess I'll have to just live with it this week.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that the night before last I picked spinach by torch light after work and made spinach and feta quiche. Is that what you call organic? Now I olny need to get a goat and a few chickens... You won't say I live in the city.....

I adore the thought of keeping chickens, but loving the idea and actually keeping chickens is two entirely different things. Lily might 'catch' the chickens and be terribly proud and impressed with herself like she was that time she caught a woodpecker. "I can care for and sustain you too mom." Shame, that was horrible.

Anyway, I'll label the chicken keeping idea as a thought to revisit again in a few years.

So, back to the story, I made spinach and feta quiche. For 2012 I intended to learn to cook something new every month. That and figure out how to do the basics well. When I look at the things I've tried my hand at it compiles a nearly impressive little list, but there's so many more things I'd like to make and experiment with.

So far I've tried my hand at (in no particular order)
  • spinach and feta quiche
  • bobotie
  • banana bread
  • chocolate, vanilla, bran and cappucino muffins (these are different sessions, not a new flavour: that would be gross)
  • butter chicken
  • disaster haloumi
  • pavlova
  • lemony spinach carbonara

I'm compiling a list of recipes/things to try cook so I can simply choose something, go get the ingredients from the pantry and do it instead of wondering what might be nice to try make next. What do you think should absolutely be on a list of things all self respecting citizens should be able to cook? I mean, I've never even made pancakes! I reckon I better put some basic basic simple things down in between the fun stuff and just do it. Better get going then.

Things to possibly cook (and learn to (eventually) rock) in the kitchen:
  • pancakes
  • souttert
  • melkkos
  • my mum's rosemary-lavender bread
  • eggs benedict
  • poach eggs
  • tomato soup
  • something with puff pastry
  • peppermint crisp tart
  • find a killer pizza base
  • pesto
  • homemade chicken burgers
  • lentils bobotie
  • biryani
  • paella
  • potjiekos so I can use the potjie I got from my gran
  • cheesecake

What's the best thing you've put together lately? Care to leave a link to a favorite recipe? Or what on earth can I do with all the spinach growing in my veggie garden!?!?!?

*not before I die, or to be completed before the end of this year. Simply a list of things I'd like to make. No pressure. PS I'm not done with the list and will keep editing it as I please. :-) Its my blog after all right?!